Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dancing around in your bedroom brought to new heights


gracie o said...

this dude(?!) rules!!! i love his outfit, grey and orange wall/doors, and and and oh, just everything about him. if i jammed out like that, i could probably be that skinny too.

DeMirelis said...

How long did that video last? 3 minutes? That's how long I laughed! Talk about enthusiasm. :)

kdub said...

Try playing it with the real Beyonce video in another window and see how much better he is at her moves! He's more Beyonce than Beyonce. FABU.

Bnutt said...

OH MY LORD!! he is amazing! him and Chris Crocker need to have a video dance off.

the WORK that went into this.. my god, to not only learn the dance but perfect it to that level..
(I would know HA!!!)

I hope I have a son like this one day.