Sunday, October 26, 2008

Need someone to take your drunk ass home? this is SO WRONG

so Diceman and I are driving around yesterday...and I *GASP* "I swear I just saw a cab with a condom guy logo!". We had passed him quickly and I thought, maybe I didn't see that right.
(plus we were driving by the Scottsdale Borgata!)

We let him catch up, in fact he ends up going to the same gas station with us. It got WORSE.. so the Cab Company is NAMED "Jimmy Hat Cab Company" and the logo is ...yes... a condom ...a personified condom at that.. and it is over the "J" like a condom that has been

Well, I get marketing and grabbing attention.. you only get 1 shot, all that...BUT seems highly inappropriate for a business that focuses on.............

1. driving drunk girls home
2. driving business men and woman to the airport and back home
3. picking up tourists at upscale resorts to take them to fashion square... or
p.f. changs...
4. taking $5 hookers and/or their John's to pay by the hour motels
5. taking $1000 hookers to your home or office party
(ok 2 appropriate uses IF prositution were legal, otherwise-no,not over my dead hookers body) have this painted on your car..and HUGE..not to mention when your in any of these situations how you would avoid this company when looking up a cab company in the first place. It's not like people just dial "cab" and wait for something to show up.
also, in the tourist cases, typically another person is calling the cab for you and they sure as hell arn't going to pick this one and have a couple little old ladies waiting in the valet only to see this thing pull up.

I just visualize being in this cab...alone.. with a guy driving this and on so many levels I'm disturbed

so, between this and the looks of the driver, your chances of being raped in a cab seem likely, but they WILL use a condom so it's really not
that bad.
although if I were a judge in the case afterwards I might just skip to "well she was asking for it" instead of my usual.. "well, what was she wearing?"

ps - why does everything have to be personified? thats really the point of this post.


kdub said...

"...your chances of being raped in a cab seem likely, but they WILL use a condom so it's really not that bad."

I LOL'd.

gracie o said...

woah, i'm totally hiring this cab next time we're out. hot.

Jenelle said...

that is incredible!


i would love to see one of those rolling with a passenger in it. oh the conclusions you could come up with!!!

so funny!

Bnutt said...

I know I know.. its sexy.