Monday, June 15, 2009

cat killer caught

I'm sure this horrid cat killer story has been picked up by National press but these whacked out cat killings are the biggest thing going on in my neck of the woods right now. To get you cubs up to speed: over 19 dead severely mutilated cats have been found in Miami in the past few weeks. Most of these cats have been neighborhood pets and kittens gone missing. Everyone has been freaking out assuming it was some sort of satanic ritual or gang initiation. Older people love jumping to those two conclusions. Anyways, I had a feeling it was going to be some well to do sadistic teenage fucker with too much time on his hands. Well my kitties, I was right. Police arrested this kid who they've suspected was the cat killer for quite some time.
Courtesy of Miami-Dade Corrections

Tyler “cat killer” Weinman, not his class picture but his mugshot. Yes, he's actually smiling.

Who smiles like this in a mugshot???

Not too many details have been released on the crimes themselves but it has been reported that several of these massacred cats were discovered posed. This gross freak of nature posed the poor cats for sick satisfaction...and not in a good way ala my favorite David Shrigley piece:

CAT. Taxidermy, wood, acrylic paint
This whole thing really disturbs me. Not only does this creep live 10 minutes from my parents home but he also graduated from my high school. People are seemingly pleased to have the suspected killer caught but many folks are still defending him saying he was a good kid. I have realized that I clearly don't believe in justice or innocence before proven guilty. I have already convicted this sicko in my mind and I want him to get the maximum sentence for his Dexter-ish cat crimes. Fortunately slick guy over here just turned 18 so he's nice and legal. He'll be some juicy low hanging fruit in jail.
I really like my mother's suggested punishment of locking him in a cage with a really hungry man eating lion.


drollgirl said...

oh the ways i would like to torture and kill this man. you cannot even imagine. what a fucker. he deserves the worst.

Iva said...

TODAY IS NOT A DAY FOR ME TO BE READING THIS! He needs to be tortured, as in have his manhood cut off and have him beaten with it. I second everything drollgirl said.

borellana said...

I'm glad this sociopath was caught, and I hope he gets charged with every count, as it's pretty much a given that people that do this often turn into human serial killers. Revolting.

1sourapple said...

We're going to have to scratch his eyes out. And then, of course, the genitals thing.

clorivak said...

I just don't get how people like this exist. :(

Raina said...

Ted Bundy for the Millennials.

Anonymous said...

This happened before in Destin Florida and Gulf Breeze. This kid is INNOCENT until proven guilty .. you people are GUILTY of uttering death threats etc...You haven't done your homework .. investigate "High Strangeness Florida Cat Mutilations" High Strangeness Florida Cat Mutes

I need to see 'CSI tests' showing positive return on dog saliva before I believe the "dog pack" explanation (as well).

this (following) individual is aware of the scope of the Destin area mutilations .. it happened repeatedly in Destin .. 60 cats and dogs in one 'spate'. It got wiped off the net - it was 'too crazy'.
The Panhandle Animal Welfare Society is investigating this case. Contact Dee Thompson-Poirrier, director of animal services at xxx with information.

World-view Blogspot re: Cat Mutilations Everywhere

me melodia said...

Hi Anonymous I was waiting for you!

You're comments are always welcomed but you're an idiot.

Btw, thanks for the weird spamy links.

wool and misc said...

a-doy, anon, don't you know that everything you read on the internet is true?!?!?

Daniel Alejandro Romano said...

He deserves a real punishment, for god sake who can even dare to hurt animals...I think that if someone would even dare to bother my cat the worst out of me would come out.
Real Punishment Now!

amy @ switz~art said...

Oh my gawd!
Torture in return is my opinion.

Kerrin said...

Anonymous 1 - there's a difference between innocence and legal innocence. He is legally innocent until proven guilty in a court. This is to ensure thorough and accurate investigation and procedures up to the conviction. Mistakes and shortcuts are to be prevented this way, and so jurors and judges can examine the evidence leading up to the charge(s) and add them up to the conclusion, not the other way around. It's a formality. Also, you are correct, there is nothing legal we can do as a society to punish this guy, that is how we keep vigilantes from punishing sick fucks all the time. That is to prevent violence and relieve society of the necessity of dealing with sick fucks - we are to hope we can trust the legal system to sort it out so we don't have to do something which may find ourselves in trouble. If you were a sick fuck, you would want that kind of protection.

That doesn't negate the fact this guy is one very sick fuck.

Anonymous said...