Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tiger fashion

Amazing or horrifying? Please vote.

1. Norma Kamali dress, $1050
2. Vintage '80s dress, $25

3. '80s low back dress, $26
4. Mod '60s faux fur coat, $139

5. Cirette '60s dress, $85
6. Blue stonewashed tee, $18

7. Ferrara metal mesh top, $950
8. '80s sweater (complete with tail), $50


borellana said...

MFing horrifying. Everyone needs to knock it off with:
#1. 80s references
#2 Wearing clothing for ironic value
Seriously. Aaand that would be my two cents.

drollgirl said...

OOFA. i couldn't make any of these work. nope. no way.

Clorivak said...

I've seen some decent pieces but none of these are calling my name,most are tacky at best...aren't some of these leopard prints?? :)

wool and misc said...

love kamali, but this is pretty horrifying. thanks for the roundup though!

me melodia said...

Think we all need an article of clothing w a tail.
She wears it with pride!

brendan donnelly said...

i have t shirt #6! got it at a gas station in vermont. i cut the sleeves off to just have the overall part and wore it out alot back in 03. so good.