Monday, January 3, 2011

don't wait, bid now!

Girls of eBay is a priceless repository of amateur modeling in the hopes of selling your shit.

"I'm the asian Lady Gaga."

"I went to space camp."

"I am excited by chickens."

"I made this myself. Think Pretty in Pink meets Superfly."

"I'm either a kewpie doll or a troll doll. Either way I'm in a pantsuit."

"The top of me is my mom's church best... the bottom of me is all whore."

"I can tapdance The Mikado."

Thank you Urlesque


hope505 said...

love it! "girls of ETSY" next please! *heehee!

Sarah Maccarelli said...

I hope there are more posts like this one...maybe a monthly Girls of ebay? Please! lol.