Thursday, February 17, 2011


I came across this photo today (on Neatorama) of an IBM350 memory storage unit being loaded onto a plane in 1956:

Here's another view. It was called the 350 because it used 350 discs to store - get ready - 5MB worth of data.

In comparison, here's a man holding two Samsung memory chips, created in 2009, which hold 32GB each. That's a total of 65,536 megabytes, or more than 13,000 times the storage capacity of the IBM350.

Do you think those guys on the plane had any idea what the future would hold?


Sarah Maccarelli said...

That's crazy!

wool and misc said...

this is great!!!!!

TS Hendrik said...

In twenty years we'll probably thinking now in such antiquated terms.

'they didn't store information on light back then? How silly.'

kdub said...

It didn't go right into your brain chip which holds the capacity of three more entire brains? How barbaric.