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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Limit 1pkg. per person"

Pizza Hut has 10 proposal packages available through Valentine's Day which include a ruby and diamond engagement ring, fireworks, limo, flowers, photographer/videographer and (drum roll) their new $10 Big Box, a vast bastion of carbohydrates and dairy, for only $10,010 plus tax.

Rumor has it the restaurant could possibly be talked into throwing your wedding at one of their locations as well. As of a Google search today, no one seems to have ordered this, so all ten packages are still available! I do wonder if they have ten ruby rings sitting in a safe somewhere already, and what they will do with them if they don't get used... if you order Pizza Hut after VDay, chew carefully, there might be an engagement ring stuffed into that stuffed crust pizza.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh... Sexy.

Not really. Check out Black Milk Clothing for other stuff that isn't so disgusting, though.


EDIT: Wait, where have we seen this idea before??

Enjoy with a full-bodied malbec

Under those muscle leggings is a pair of underwear that this guy would love:
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If you think you might love them too, you can find out how to make them here at Instructables.