Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Speaking of V...


Vagina toast

A couple years ago I bought the guy I was dating a custom toaster from Burnt Impressions for Christmas. He loved toast and would eat all mine at brunch, but didn't own a toaster. It would burn skulls into his bread and, since he was a Misfits fan, I had them put the Crimson Ghost skull on the side of the toaster itself. Unfortunately he suddenly turned into a giant vagina in early December and I ended up throwing the beautifully wrapped toaster, along with one of his sweaters, down the garbage chute.

This toaster would have been more appropriate for him:

"The Vagina (A.K.A. Eye of Sauron's Vulva) Toaster" is also on offer from Burnt Impressions. An obvious Valentine's Day choice, it will cost you $34.95 + $11 shipping at Amazon.