Monday, September 27, 2010

possibly all the ugliest clothes on the planet in one place, for your convenience is really pretty amazing.
For example, maybe you want a party dress with a big-ass unsightly zipper up the center:

"Mom. Are you taking another picture. You're so stupid."

Or maybe you need a pair of pants that you can vomit on and it won't matter:


This is a great look for the office:

"What exactly are you looking at? My eyes are up here."

But I understand, sometimes girls just want to have fun:

"Is this gum? When did I have gum?"

inspired by everlasting blort


Anonymous said...

No high waist jeans with a zipper all the way around? I'm disappointed :D

Though I guess that first pair of pants makes up for it!!

nicolette said...

the styling is PRICELESS.

kdub said...

No, Trixie, sorry, but did you see these beauties?
Faded Military detail jeans

hope505 said...

...ayii!! christ on a cupcake, I do not know what this is..!!


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

this store is heaven for all the shitty scraps left behind at the fabric store.

Eden said...

Oh my goodness....tragic!

Hope505, those harem trousers are no joke. did they run out of material halfway through making them?!

drollgirl said...


a 60+ year old lady used to work here, and she would wear babyphat, forever21 and WORSE shit. it drove me out of my MIND.

Keri said...

LOL.. Ohhh Yeah.. I'm all over this catalog. Someone got paid to design this stuff? Where can I get on the payroll? UNREAL.

P.S. You Veddy Funny Ledy!