Friday, June 12, 2009

Another TLC rant

Obviously I had a problem with TLC earlier this year upon learning that the beloved delivery system of one of my favorites, What Not to Wear, was planning yet another gigantor family show. Since then I've noticed a new obsession on that channel: Weddings. It started with Say Yes to the Dress, a stupefyingly boring show shot at Kleinfeld's on 20th Street involving women who don't know what they want to wear for "the most important day of their LIVES!" I have watched exactly one episode of this show, which was the one where the bride-to-be brought along all her gay boyfriends and one of them tried on some of the dresses as well. I love me a man in drag. They also feature Wild Weddings, which is like America's Funniest Home Videos only with a priest and not all that funny, the special "Incredible Weddings" and now, ladies and gentlemen, Masters of Reception.
What is going on here? TLC, as far as I know, still stands for The Learning Channel, but their educational content is about as limited as a 1940's Home Economics class. Discovery Communication, founded by John S. Hendricks, owns TLC as well as the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and whole bunch of other channels that don't get confused with Oxygen or Lifetime. He's got a Bachelors degree in History from 1974 and an honorary doctorate from University of Alabama which means (1) his education ended in 1974 and (2) he might possibly be a redneck. Exactly what is "Dr." Hendricks trying to teach us with this choice of programming? Is this supposed to appeal to women? Is TLC's name soon going to be changed to GYN? Personally, I could not be more bored by shows involving weddings or children, two things that many, many people can and have done. I could sit around the coffee machine and ask my coworker about her two marriages if this is something I got off on. I turn to television to see something unusual -- especially when I'm watching a channel that's supposed to be educational.

Please, TLC, just let Stacy and Clinton move to another cable network so I can blacklist Time Warner Cable's channel 52 forever, as I do with the Home Shopping Network and other worthless wastes of bandwidth.

Thank you.


Paperface said...

Your blog is the best thing on Google. That's right. I said it.

wool and misc said...

hell yes. you go, girl.