Friday, December 11, 2009

Best of CL: "I Puked in Your Purse"

I Puked in Your Purse

Date: 2009-07-16, 6:32PM EDT

You were sitting a couple tables across from me. I was checking you out. You noticed. I winked. You rolled your eyes and left your table to talk to some guys at the bar. You left your purse hanging unattended on the back of your chair. I felt rejected, and a little pissed. You looked hungry. On my way out, I filled your purse with a vomit cocktail consisting of 1 part hamburger, 3 parts Miller Lites and 6 parts hot yellow foamy puke. If you had second thoughts after blowing me off, hit me back. I can't wait to hear from you!!! 


Mrsblogalot said...

LOFL!!!!! Best revenge ever!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You got her, I never want to get you mad!