Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Voyeurism as Art

Photographer Yasmine Chatila has a show on currently called "Stolen Moments" -- photos she took through people's windows here in New York. In some cases, as with the kitchen lovers below, she took a whole series and made a slide show out of it.

I don't put the blinds down in my living room, so I guess it's my fault if someone is surreptitiously taking photos of me. But I still find this show totally creepy, it seems to break an unwritten code (if not a law). Thoughts?

thanks Gothamist


Clorivak said...

eeek...oh god, that would be horrifying. makes for cool photos though, as long as it's not me..egad.

borellana said...

If your blinds are up when you do this:
1. You want people to see
2. You don't care if people see

kdub said...

borellana, I agree with you about the couple doing it in the kitchen with the lights on. But a lot of the other ones look like either they didn't realize anyone could see them or it was a spontaneous moment that happened -- like in the last one I posted, one guy could have just asked the other to marry him. You wouldn't go close the blind first before reacting.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

If they were obscene, that'd be one thing. But these are pretty decent. I'm not too offended.

wool and misc said...

i love this. i can't help but look into lit windows.