Friday, August 28, 2009

does a bear skat in the woods?

Things to look and listen for in this news report...

1. Tina's mole that she has embraced, probably feeling that is Cindy Crawford-esque, but to me is akin to an adrelanie rush, much like one you can only take once a year.

2. "This is what the bear probably looked like, except real"

3. the recreation of the bear escaping into the woods

4. one crazed bunny head

5. bear "skat"

Enjoy and good weekend to all.


kdub said...

That was the most insane thing I have ever seen on a regular news broadcast. The bear "climbing" the tree made me squeak and the bunny head saying, "Oh, good, I'm faster than a bear" left me bemused and a little terrified. What a find.

Lilee said...

great header. haha cool vid as well :)