Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Suppers

James Reynolds has created a series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners' requests for their last meal before execution. These photos were so striking, that I couldn't pick just a couple.
Why the hell not? Who cares about arteries at this time. Bring on the KFC!
Oh, what a thoughtful inmate. No one wants their last exhale to be anything but minty fresh. Is this to mask the tears?
Prisoner #589641350179: Anna Wintour?
1 dry ass cracker, coming up!
Hmmm... c'mon, go wild, why doncha?
That's more like it!
Prisoner #456881235166: David Sedaris?
Prisoner #351896725116: Cool Hand Luke?
Prisoner #758283140953625: Homer Simpson?

What would you order for your last meal?

I would hands down order a meatloaf cake with a scorpion bowl to wash it down.


Clorivak said...

super cheesy Chicken Quesadillas with tons of sour cream all the way!!!

kdub said...

I would have all the shellfish I could fit in my tummy because I'm allergic to it and it will kill me anyway. They'd have to epipen me just to keep me alive long enough to fry me.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

These are amazing. I'd have chicken fingers and french fries with ranch dressing, a diet coke, with a molten chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

drollgirl said...

dude! this is very cool! i am afraid i think i would want a whole buffet table as my last meal. and then booze and drugs to make it all end pleasantly.

me melodia said...

3 dozen raw oysters, a chipwich icecream and a shot of jager.

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure I'd ask for more than just one donut. How about ten? And a juicy burger. And queso. A frozen margarita, vodka redbull, Diet Pepsi, two chocolate cupcakes, mac'n'cheese, Dominos deep dish pizza, and some grilled pineapple. Oh, and Bluebell Tin Roof ice cream. That should do :)